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to the unprejudiced observer. The mental state of the psychopathic or neurotic patient is that of the savage with his anthropomorphic view of nat

ure, with his fears based on

the impulse o

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f self-preservation. The psychopathic patient is in a state of primitive fear and of savage credulity with its faith in magic. The emotional side of the impulse of sel

al and mysterious a

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and of the fear

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instinct shou

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ld always be

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he physician who undertakes the treatment of psychopathic cases. The physician must remember that the emotions in such cases are essentially o

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f the instinctive type, that they therefore lie beyond the ken of the patient’s immediate contr


ol and action of the personal will. The physician should not, therefore, be impatient, but while


protecting the invalid against the fears that assail the latter, he should gradually and slowly

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undermine the violence[368] of the impulse of self-preservation and the anxiety o

f the fear instinct. For in all psychopathic maladies the main factors are the impulse of self-preservation and the fear instinct. FOOTNOTES: [17] The discussion here is necessarily brief. The reader is referred for details to my work “The Causation and Treatment of Psychopathic Diseases,” Ch. XVII, General Psychotherapeutic Methods. [18] See Sidis, “The Foundations,” Part II, Moment-Consciousness. CHAPTER XXXVII REGAINED ENERGY AND MENTAL HEALTH The principle of reserve energy, developed independently by Professor James and myself, is of the utmost importance to abnormal psychology. The principle is based on a broad generalization of facts—psychological, physiological and biological—namely, that far

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less energy is utilized by the individual than there is actually at his disposal. A comparatively small fraction of the total amount of energy, possessed by the organism, is used in its relation with the ordinary stimuli of its enviro

ne?” is t

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nment. The energy in use may be regarde

d as kinetic or circulating energy, while the energy stored away is reserve energy. There must always be a supply of reserve energy requ

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isite for unusual reactions in emergency c

ases. Those organisms survive which have the greatest amount of reserve energy, just as those countries are strong and victorious which

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possess the largest amount of reserve capi

tal to draw upon in critical periods. As life becomes more complex, inhibitions increase;[370] the thresholds of stimulations of a co

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mplex system rise in proportion to its complexity. With the rise of evolution ther

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e is a tendency to increase of inhibitions, with a consequent lock

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-up of energy which becomes reserve. Now there are occasions in th

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e life of the individual, under the influence of training and emot

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ional trauma, when the inhibitions become unusually intense, tendi

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ng to smother the personality, which becomes weakened, impoverishe

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d in its reactions, and is unable to respond freely to the stimuli

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of its environment. The inhibited system becomes inactive and may

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be regarded as dissociated from the cycle of life. In case of

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an emotional trauma there

is often a breach in the continu

ity of association. The affected system becomes dissociated from the rest of the personality, and is like a splinter in the flesh of the individuality. Its own threshold, when tapped, may be very low, but it is not directly accessible through the mediacy of other systems; hence its threshold appears unusually or pathologically high. When the inhibitions are very hig

tion of nobili


h they must be removed. This removal of inhibitions brings about an access to the

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accumulated energy of the inhibited systems. In case of disjunction or break of continuity we mu

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st stimulate the dormant reserve energy of the systems, and thus assist the process of repair an

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d bridge the breach of associative continuity. A new, fresh, active life opens to the patient. H

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e becomes[371] a “reformed” personality, free and cheerful, with an overflow of energy. The

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hypnoidal state is essentially a rest-state characterized by anabolic activity. There is a rest

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itution of spent energy; inhibitions become removed, and access is gained to “dormant” systems


or complexes. The awakened “dormant” complex systems bring with them a new feel

ing-tone, a fresh emotional

energy resulting in an

almost complete transformation of personality. As an i

llustration of the tra

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nsformation effected I take at random the following extracts from some of the letters written to me by patients who have experienced this welling up of reserve energy: “Indeed, were I to fill this entire sheet with expressions of the gratitude which wells up from my inmost heart it would be only a beginning of what I feel. Surely the darkness of the world has been dispelled since this new light has illuminated

ty, the im

my soul, and I feel that th

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transformation.” A letter from a patient reads: “You will be glad to know that all is well with me. Life is one happy day. I am a mar

vel to my friends in the way

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her letter runs as follows: “Next to the gladness in my own restoration, I am rejoiced at the[372] wonderful transformation that has come

to my dear friend T—— fro

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he goal of perfect health, of her strength to take up the home duties which had been so burdensome, and she now finds a delight in the doi

ng of them, and of her husba

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tes: “Your treatments cut a deep channel in my subconscious life, one from which if I do happen to wander astray is for only a short time


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; then I am carried right back in the trend. In fact, there exists a deep indelible, happy and cheerful impression incor

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porated in my subconscious life that it is impossible to eradicate.... You have laid a concrete foundation upon which I

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am building, little by little, a structure that some day you will be proud of, and for which words are insufficient to e

is no nobilit


xpress my profound gratitude.” Another patient writes: “The big result of you

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r treatment was restoring my faith and arousing my ambitions. I never think of suicide. I only want to live and work and redeem myself. I have never been so happy and I have never worked harder.... I feel the most extraordinary eagerness; a strange, irrepressible enthusiasm; and an

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absolute conviction of the truth and beauty of work, of my work. I dare not think of failure, and yet success as I conceive it is too wonderful ever to come. The[373] brave will of life in me permitting, I shall some day approximate my prayer, my dream, my vision; and

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then I must let the earth know you are responsible.” The following extract of a letter, written to me by a patient, an experienced English surgeon, now in charge of a hospital in England, whose case was severe and chronic, dating from early childhood, is valuable, b

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oth on account of his medical training and his mental abilities which make him an excellent judge as to the fundamental change and cure effected: “It is now exactly two years since I was undergoing treatment at your kindly and sympathetic hands. I remember that you

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once told me that the seed sown by you would probably take this length of time to come to fruition. Therefore, it may not be without interest to you to receive a supplement to many other letters in which I will endeavor to summarize my progress—for the last time. “

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I have no longer even the least lingering doubt that you can count me among your most brilliantly successful cures. I say this after many—too many—heart searchings which are probably characteristic of my somewhat doubting temperament. At first, I was disappointed with

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the whole business: I suppose I looked for strange and dramatic events to occur which would change my whole personality and temperament in a short time. Nothing so exciting happened; I left Portsmouth still feeling that I owned[374] the same name, and very much the sam

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e ‘ego’ that I arrived with. I was unaware that any profound psychological operation had taken place. To be candid, I did not think it had—the beginnings, no doubt, were there—but no more. But now when I carry my mind back to the type of obsession which used to assa

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il me—is there any change? Good God! I behold a miracle, although it has come about so silently that I can only realize the difference by comparing the present with the past. In conclusion I can only send you my undying gratitude.... You have saved me from what, I hone

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stly believe, would have one day resulted in deliberate suicide which I often contemplated as the one solution of my trouble....” These extracts are typical of many others, and clearly show the enjoyment of new strength and powers until now unknown to the patient. F

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resh reservoirs of reserve energy have been tapped and have become available in an hour of dire need. The patient has light and strength where there were darkness and depression. We are confronted here with the important phenomenon of liberation of dormant reserve energy. The patie

  • y of the specially elect
  • in the world of
  • morbid affections, any
  • more than there is in
  • the domain of physical maladie
  • s. The egocentric character of
  • the psychopathic patient puts
  • him in the position of the savage
  • who takes an animistic,
  • a personal view
  • of the world and of the
  • objects that surround
  • him. Natural forces are regarded as dealing wi
  • th man and his fate, often conspiring ag
  • ainst man. Magic is the remedy by which the sa

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nt feels the flood of fresh energies as a “marvelous transformation,” as a “new light,” as a “new life,” as “a something worth more than life itself.” The hypnoidal state helps us to reach the inaccessible regions of dormant, reserve energy, helps to[375] break down inhi


bitions, to liberate reserve energies and

to repair the breaches or dissociation of mental life. The painful systems become dissociated, disintegrated and again transformed,

  • vage tries to defend himself,
  • and even to control the inimical o
  • r friendly natural[367] forces or
  • objects, animate and inanimate


reformed, and reintegrated into new system

s, full of energy and joy of life. The banishment of credulity, the cultivation of the upper, critical consciousness, the rationa

  • hich he comes in contact. This
  • same attitude, animistic and pers
  • onal, of the primitive man is pres
  • ent in the psychopathic patien


l control of the subconscious, the moderat

ion of the self-impulse, the regulation of the fear-instinct, and the access to the vast stores of subconscious reserve energy, all

  • atient is afraid that somethin
  • g fearful may happen to him. Again
  • st such accidents he takes measure
  • s often of a defensive charact


go to the formation of a strong, healthy-min

ded personality, free from fear and psychopathic maladies. The End CHAPTER I. AN OLD LETTER. “IS SUPPER ready, mother? I’m as

  • differ but little from the ma
  • gic of the savage and the barbaria
  • n. That is why these patients are
  • the victims of all kinds of fa


hungry as a bear!” The speaker was a sturdy boy of sixteen, with bright eyes, and a smiling sun-browned face. His shirt sleeves were rolled up displaying a pair of muscular arms. His hands were brown and soiled with labor. It was clear that he was no white-handed young aristoc


rat. His clothes alone would have shown that. They were of coarse cloth, made without any special regard to the prevailing fashion. Tom Thatcher, for this was his name, had just come home from the shoe manufactory, where he was employed ten hours a day in pegging shoes, for the

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lucrative sum of fifty cents per day. I may as well state here that he is the hero of my story, and I hope none of my readers will t


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hink any the worse of him for working in a shop. I am aware that it is considered more “genteel” to stand behind a counter, and di


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splay goods to customers, even if the wages are smaller. But Tom, having a mother and little sister to help support, could not choos


e his employment. He lived in a large shoe6 town, and was glad to find employment

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in the large manufactory of John Simpson, who, by virtue of his large capital, and as the employer of a hundred hands, was a man of mark in the town of Wilton. “Supper will be ready in five minutes, Tom,” said his mother, rather a delicate-looking woman, of refined appearance, notwithstan

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ding she was dressed in a cheap calico. ?/p>

癆re you tired, Tom?” asked his littl

e sister Tillie, whose f

ull name, neve

r used at home

, was Matilda.

“Not much


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, Tillie, but I’ve got a famous appetite.” “I am s

orry I haven’t got something better for you, Tom,” said his mother. “I have o

nly a hot potato, besides tea, and bread and butter.”

“Why, that is good enough, mother,” said Tom, cheerfully. “You ought to

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